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Message of encouragement

Message of encouragement

Thank you get again, for your unending support and message of encouragement. Join us again.this year as we continue to shape Entrepreneurship, Tech and Innovation ecosystems of North West Province

We will be introducing lot of new programme, including Digital Career Expo ,Innovation Awards, @Connect Programme, Innovation Platforms, TVETs Digitisation Platforms, GDG, IoT,Coding and Robotics Space, eAgroTourism CoLab

while enhancing our old programme including MIHub Student 2 Industry, Coding Vac, Hackathons, TEDx Talks MakerSpace, different workshops and networking session, conferences and summits.

We are here to make your entrepreneurial journey easy ..through RDI, ICT Science n Tech, Training n Dev &…Open Innovation and many more.

We will be soon moving to a new and bigger space to allow you a platform to use our space as your office, provide hot seating, prototyping space and lot more…

From the office of the CEO Mr Joepac Ndaba and the staff of MIHub we say say let’s make 2019 a great and innovative year…

Joepac Ndaba

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