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MDIHub Membership Application

Join the most interactive, dynamic, smart platform where technocrats, innovators, businesses, academics and research community collaborate and innovate. MDIHub offers solutions suited to both Start-ups, locally established businesses, international businesses, Donors and Academic institutions. Based on their needs they will be eligible for the following

Membership Selection Criteria

To become a registered member or partner of MDIHub, entities must be operating within the following focus sectors:

1. Information & Communication Technology (The start-up/business should be focusing in the following sectors within ICT space:

Software development, Cloud Computing, e-Government solutions, Interoperability & Cyber security, Digital content, IoT & Big Data, RDI, Innovative Mix Talent, Broadband Infrastructure.
gamification, Digital Marketing, Clean Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Robotics, Digital Transformation, Analytics, Virtual Reality, 4th Industrial Revolution, Automation, Sensors, Cloud Computing, Crypto-Blockchain Technology, Mind2Machine.

2. eTourism

3. eAgro Processing

4. Mining Technology

5. Lite Manufacturing – (e.g 3D Printing, Robotics, Nano Tech, hardware, electronics, Hardware design, assembly, testing, configuration & installation)

6. Renewable Energy and Environment technologies

7. Biotechnology

8. Knowledge Intensive Business Services supporting any of the sectors noted above

Membership options

Mentor: Mentor membership is free - Anyone interested or involved in technology, entrepreneurship, business, government, social impact etc. can join the Mafihub Community to receive free newsletter, find out about events and happenings and get involved in the community, NM allows you access to the free workshops and events at Mafihub

Hot Seat |Network Membership: R 60 per day per person or R 30 per half day per person. Desks space can be rented for a full or half day payable at the reception using, cash, Snapscan or Yoco.

@Connect Member |Social Impact membership: R 700 per month per person. Social Impact membership offers a place to work for a full month. Work anytime with access to all events, free Internet access, printing facilities. Pay through EFT, Yoco. 5% discount for a 6+ month contract.

Co-WorkSpace Member |Corporate Membership”: R 1400 per month per person, this is for individuals or companies needing a dedicated desk/workspace – per calendar days. Access to office management service, Internet Access, Access to all events, printing and scanning facilities. Payment in advance via EFT or Yoco. 10% discount for a 6+ month contract.

Resident Start up Membership: Member who qualifies will be part of MDIHub 12 Months Incubation Programme (Start-Ups) or 6 Months Rapid Incubation programme (Existing businesses). T&Cs apply

Developer Network Membership: International companies establishing their operations into Mafikeng/North West Province - Soft landing space for international businesses and institutions

Membership Benefits

MDIHub offers solutions suited to both Start-ups, Locally established businesses, and International businesses, Donors and Academic institutions, based on their needs they will be eligible for the following: -

• Eligibility to access two MDIHub Innovation & Entrepreneurship developmental centres,

• Access to Innovation & Entrepreneurship Support Programs and Services (e.g Entrepreneurial Incubation programme–Technology Entrepreneurship Development Program, Microsoft BizSpark programme, AppFactory, Access to NWU e-Agro-Tourism CoLab programmes, Southern African Innovation Support (SAiS) program.

• Accreditation to Mafikeng Innovation Hub, with Membership Certificate.

• Access to team of Specialist, Subject Matter expects

• Networking, Research, Development and Technical collaboration opportunities locally, nationally and internationally.

• Access to market, range of technology transfer, educational support, commercialization services and business advisory services.

• Access to Mafikeng Innovation Hub media platforms.

• Access to be a hub residents with access to hub incentives or join virtual incubation programme

• Prioritized participation in Mafikeng Digital Innovation Hub activities and events.

• Linkage to funding agencies and critical business stakeholders

• Soft landing for international businesses and institutions

Partners and members

Within these focus sectors and categories, MDIHub selects partners and members based on the following aspects:

1. Product / Service / Method that creates new or unique value for Mafikeng Digital Innovation Hub stakeholders and North West Province

2. Stage / Level of Innovation (Idea, Research / Screening and Experimentation, Testing / Proof of Concept / Prototyping, Commercialization / Production, Diffusion and Implementation)

3. Target Market / Social Need being Addressed

4. Benefits to North West Province:

o Employment creation

o Knowledge Creation and Skills Transfer

o Advancement of RDI, STEM, Science and Technology within the North West Province

5. Business / Partnership model and Funding Aspects

6. Leadership (Visionary and qualified leadership to play the critical role in driving the business towards its goal)

7. Capital investment in land, buildings, infrastructure, funding and equipment

For more information contact MDIHub at +27 73 562 5772