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Our Services

We offer incumbants the following services to help them turn their ideas into viable businesses.

Co-working Space

Tenants are provided with offices, Reception services, Board Room, Team Room, Telephones, Internet, PCs and Other office equipment as part of physical in-house services. Virtual clients provide their own facilities but may utilise the in-house services provided by the Centre.i

Business Assistance

The Hub offers entrepreneurs assistance in various aspects of business opperations such as developing a business plan, marketing, financial planning, sales, and more

Funding opportunities

The Hub helps entrepreneurs in obtaining funding to commercialise their products through the Hub's relationships with funding organisation and programmes that could provide funding for the client.

Training and Development

We allowa entrepreneurs to pick and choose from a variety of options to accommodate individual needs and interests. We focus on technology training as well as basic business courses including developing a business plan, marketing, financial planning, sales, and more.

Prototype Development

The Hub assists entrepreneurs with developing their technology (product or process). Expert advice is arranged to assist entrepreneurs with the design and development of their identified product or processes.

Marketing and Commercialisation

The Hub assists entrepreneurs with finding and developing markets for their product or process through relationships with organisations that can assist with marketing.

Incubation periods

Virtual incubation

  • 1 year long
  • Progress tracking of incumbents after exit.

Rapid incubation

  • 6 months
  • Focused on idea creation and transforming those ideas into a viable product ready for the market
  • Priority on conceptualizing, prototyping and customer validation
  • • Provides services, such as education and training, mentors, free office space, access to networking, publicity, and more
  • Helping turn your ideas into viable products or prototypes

Full incubation

  • 2 years long
  • For early stage start-ups
  • Focused on helping you fine tune your business model or revenue model
  • Hones your skills from proven peers and entrepreneurs, particularly if you are a first-time CEO
  • Provides structured educational content focused on the core areas of first-stage businesses