Creative engineering, technology, science, and craft students, Entrepreneurs and Innovators will receive a massive boost in skills development.


What is a Makerspace

This space is platform to allow innovators to build or prototype their innovations. It is open to all Incumbent of the ahub and those who need to rent it out. It also provides students access to some of the latest and most current technology trends.

  • 3D printing and scanning facilities.

    A dedicated work station in a space shared with others.

    Access 24/7

  • Electronics and Robots.

    Work in any of our Business Club the way you like, in different districts.

    Access Monday-Friday

  • Smart computer technologies.

    Fitted out with or without work stations.

    Access 24/7

Training opportunities include:

  • Robotics using Raspberry Pi
  • HTML (website development)
  • Graphics design
  • Mobile app development (Android/Java)
  • Build-a-Comp (hardware)
  • 3D modelling

Tools and equipment:

  • 3D printer and scanner
  • 3 Raspberry Pi kits
  • Interactive whiteboard

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